Environmental Policy

Sumitomo Metal Mining Engineering Co., Ltd. bases its environmental policy on the CSR policy of its parent company, Sumitomo Metal Mining. In order to leave a beautiful and livable earth for future generations, we shall utilize the environment protecting technology and know-how that we have acquired through our long years of constructing non-ferrous metal refining plants to voluntarily and continuously conduct environmental preservation activities.

  1. We shall observe all legal restrictions concerning the environment and those requirements with which we agree.
  2. We shall set environmental targets and goals, and have all our employees involved in environmental preservation activities as long as they are technologically and economically possible. In addition, the targets and goals shall be reviewed at regular intervals in order to maintain and improve environmental performance.
  3. We shall continuously improve our environmental management system to improve the quality of our environmental preservation organization and prevent pollution.
  4. We shall help to achieve a recycling society by effectively using resources, promoting recycling, separating and reducing waste, and adopting energy-saving machinery.
  5. This environmental policy will be notified to all people who work at our company and who work for our company, and it will also be made offered to the general public if there are any outside requests to do so.

April 1, 2015

President and CEO

Sumitomo Metal Mining Engineering Co., Ltd.