Water treatment engineering

Various efforts for environmental protection such as global warming have been increasingly strengthened. Similarly, for water resources, corresponding to the water shortage and water pollution has become a serious problem. The demand for water treatment technology that can solve these problems is increasing. In addition, since the wastewater regulations are getting stricter, business operators are required to meet the regulations.
We have been developed the water treatment systems to remove Nitrate, Ammonium, COD, and Fluoride etc. for the water recovery, recycle or meeting the regulations. Our systems named “Free series” are breakthrough chemical treatment technologies and based on the metal separation and refining technologies which we cultivated in the non-metal refining industry. We can provide the optimum solutions which combine “Free series” as the conspicuous element technologies. “Free series” can be applied to the waste water of the various processes such as pickling, etching, chemicals production, semiconductor production, plating, catalysts production, precious metal refining and so on.