N-Free® AN for Nitrate and Ammonium treatment


N-Free AN is based on N-Free A and is added the function of Nitrate reduction on the cathode.
Nitrate can be reduced to Ammonium on the cathode, and the generated Ammonium can be oxidized to Nitrogen gas by Hypochloride generated on the anode.


N-Free AN system has the following advantages compared to the existing biological treatment.

  1. It can treat the waste water which the biological treatment cannot treat.
  2. No limitation on nitrogen concentration in the raw water
  3. Fit for the fluctuation of Nitrogen concentration in the raw water
  4. It requires less installation space because the dilution of the raw water is not necessary and the reaction rate is higher.
  5. It doesn’t generate the secondary waste such as sludge.
  6. Operating on demand. It is not necessary to operate at no raw water condition.
  7. It can treat Ammonium and Nitrate simultaneously, thus, can reduce the operating cost.
  8. It is suitable for the waste water treatment process which contains high Chloride concentration (high electric conductivity).


Combination with Water recovery Waste water treatment for Metal chemical production

Combination with Water recovery

This is the achievement which is applied to the water treatment combined with the water recovery.
At first, the water is recovered by RO and ion exchanger which are existing, and after that, we applied N-Free AN for removing Nitrate-nitrogen in the recovered waste.
This process is much suitable for applying the electrolytic technology because the conductivity of the recovered waste becomes high when the salt components are concentrated by the water recovery system.

Waste water treatment for Metal chemical production

This is the achievement which is applied to the waste water treatment for the Chemicals production.
We applied N-Free AN for decomposing Ammonium nitrate which can treats Nitrate and Ammonium-nitrogen simultaneously.